Top 5 Places on Celebrity Ascent

Celebrity Cruises® has long been known as a cruise line that focuses on style and beauty. They put a lot of effort into thoughtfully designing spaces that are both functional and artistically provocative, the kind of places that cannot be ignored as you pass from one section of the ship to another. The award-winning cruise line has taken this concept to a whole new level on their latest resort at sea, Celebrity AscentSM. I was fortunate to be on the inaugural voyage in December 2023, and these are my five favorite spaces and places on the entire ship.

Photo: Eden Restaurant on Celebrity Cruises

The fourth and most innovative ship in Celebrity’s Edge® Series, Celebrity Ascent boasts 32 distinctive restaurants, bars and lounges, Infinite Veranda staterooms that take you to the water’s edge and a private area called The Retreat®. The stunning ship was introduced to the travel world on a short inaugural cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Even though we were only on the ship for roughly 48 hours, I was able to explore it freely and dine at several of its specialty restaurants. One thought that constantly struck me during the journey was the incredible number of unique spots in which I could relax and enjoy the view or a beverage. For every mood and moment, Ascent has a place for you. Here are the five places that I loved the most.

5. Eden

You can only name an area Eden if it’s bucolic and peaceful enough to fit the name. And thankfully, Eden on Ascent does. Even though the space functions as a bar, a restaurant and an entertainment space — plus as a greenhouse filled with live plants — there was always a cozy corner or outdoor table to relax at. With a design that feels brilliantly organic, the venue faces a massive wall of windows that overlooks the sea, keeping you connected to the water. The atmosphere here felt transformative, changing from a morning space you can chill in with a book, to an afternoon area for playful banter and cocktails to evenings filled with fanciful flavors and festive entertainment. 

Video: Eden Restaurant on Celebrity Cruises

4. Sunset Bar

There are numerous bars and lounges throughout Ascent that provide the perfect atmosphere to sip your favored concoction. From the dark wood paneling and expert bartender-ship of the World Class Bar to The Martini Bar located in the middle of all the action in the Grand Plaza, a place to sip an espresso martini underneath the glow of the newly designed LED chandelier, you’re awash in decadent settings to savor a tipple. My favorite was The Sunset Bar, planned to perfection by superstar designer Nate Berkus. Located at the back — or aft — of the ship, the bar gives you dozens of premier vantage points to watch the sun set, hence its name. To me, it felt like an upscale rooftop bar in New York City in spring, but instead of staring out across skyscraping giants, you’re enjoying the peaceful eternity of the sea.

Video: Sunset Bar on Celebrity Cruises

3. Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud

Celebrity believes that what you eat on vacation is almost as important as where you go. That is why they create restaurants that are sumptuous spaces in and of themselves, all designed in such a way as to complement the exquisite meal and service you will receive. While I enjoyed the bold elegance of Luminae at The Retreat, featuring a unique design by Kelly Hopper; and the elegant blue-and-white furnishings of Blu, the exclusive restaurant for AquaClass® guests; it was Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud that stood out the most. While the travel-inspired flavors were spot on, the décor took it up a notch. Created by duo architect-designers Sanjit Manku and Patrick Jouin, the team responsible for the bars and restaurants of La Mamounia Marrakech as well as the extraordinary Grand Plaza on all Edge® Series ships, the ambiance is intimate and upscale, featuring soft tones, private banquette seating and a striking entryway. Walking in, you know you’re in for a culinary treat.

Video: Le Voyage℠ by Daniel Boulud on Celebrity Cruises

2. The Magic Carpet

All Edge® Series ships claim an innovative space that literally moves you — the Magic Carpet. This cantilevered café/bar/lounge/viewing platform changes position throughout the day to match the mood and function. Regardless of where it was — high up at the very top of the ship to host Dinner on the Edge, down to Deck 14 to become an eye-catching extension of the main pool area, on Deck 5 to serve as an unforgettable, open-air dining experience or at Deck 2 to assist with disembarkation — it always felt unique to me, a place that, despite its transformative nature, remained a welcome spot to pause for a moment and soak in the incredible views. 

1. Aurora

Hands down, this was my favorite spot on Ascent, mostly because it took me completely by surprise. I didn’t see any mention of Aurora when I read up on the ship previous to boarding. But there I was, walking on Deck 5 toward the art gallery and theater, and I was channeled through a hallway that was less a corridor and more a piece of walkable art. The art installation — a 50-foot hall of infinity mirrors and polished steel sculptures — was created by the art and design studio Fredrikson Stallard. With more than 1,600 twinkling lights giving it an ethereal glow that shimmered with vibes of aurora borealis, this mesmerizing part of the ship was a joy to walk through. It was impossible to not stop and take a selfie or six. 

Don’t miss out on being one of the first to sail on Celebrity Ascent. The newest resort-at-sea will begin its first year in the Caribbean before transitioning to Europe. Our agents know Celebrity Cruises well, so we can help you choose, plan and book your cruise vacation to perfection.

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